Old Hazelwood

From a recent ‘Critic’s Pick’ in the Nashville Scene:

A strange take on blues, Ode Hazelwood’s 2007 full-length Radio Noise combined Joseph Hazelwood’s post-Skip James guitar with kazoo breakdowns and the brazen singing of Raven Hazelwood. Recorded in Nashville with producer Joe McMahan, Radio Noise brimmed with Optigan, musical saw and tuba, and indicated the influence of wildly disparate idioms on the Hazelwoods. Without Raven, Joseph Hazelwood released 2010’s The Golden Age, which took the blues leanings of his first record and recast them in the dusty light of the Victorian Era. The Golden Age was a record of repressed sexuality and lazy guitar licks, and Hazelwood — under the name Mister Hazelwood and the New Transcendentalists — created something both inside and outside the confines of Nashville singer-songwriterdom. With vocalist Lindsay Hazelwood, he’s now billing his act as Old Hazelwood, so you can expect some reworked Radio Noise material along with new songs.

Here are some recent Lo-Fi Recordings.  I wrote about them a little bit in This Journal Entry.  These are some of the songs in the Old Hazelwood repertoire, but they are not an indication of our sound.  Think of them as private demos. Enjoy!