I call them #GMORadios {Genetically Modified} because let’s face it, you’re not going to eat your radio!  I excavate aesthetically beautiful objects {vintage am Radios, but also heaters, battery chargers, and other objects that capture my attention} and give them a new, better life as smartphone-ready music players. I neither repair radios or restore them.  I look for the object or appliance whose original purpose has been fully served and give it a glorious retirement as #GMORadio.  Each object {canvas} is of a different design and acoustic quality and thereby involves a creative approach.  Because of the nature of these objects I do not try to force them to deliver hi-fi sound rather than the kind of sound they naturally want to have.  For instance, how would you expect a battery charger to sound?  A space heater?  Ironically, this allowance of mutual influence between form and function makes the #GMORadio an Organic piece of art.

I hope to eventually set up a store for them here, but for now they are exclusively available at Old Made Good {OMG} in East Nashville, TN.  Here are some examples for SOLD #GMORadios:

Philco TV Tuner ~ #GMORadios

Philco Predicta












'Annie' Antique Stove

‘Annie’ Antique Stove

Lakewood Heater ~ #GMORadio

Lakewood Heater












'Bernard' Walnut GE

‘Bernard’ Walnut GE













Schauer Battery Charger








#GMORadio Features & Instructions

#GMORadio Features & Instructions